COWCOW Tech Enhanced Recoil Spring for M&P9

COWCOW Tech Enhanced Recoil Spring for M&P9
Product Code: CCT-TMMP-007
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Price: USD $6.40

Enhanced Recoil Spring is made of high strength spring steel. Its short length design with 2 different tensioned coil zone (140% / 120%) can enhance the efficiency of recoil cycling. Also it can improve the recoil control and make easier handling on blow back cycling. Compatible with Tokyo Marui M&P9 and Glock Series.

Highlighted features
Made from High Strength Spring Steel
Hard Coating Prevents Corrosion
Shorten length with harder coil
Improve cycling efficiency
Cycling enhancement through 2 different tensioned zones (140% / 120%)

*PS: Please note: installing parts / assemble /fitting airsoft gun will need intermediate knowledge; for expert or airsoft gunsmith. Please refer to your airsoft gunsmith for proper installation / fitting. Fitting may be needed as the condition of each airsoft gun might be different. Regular maintenance is needed for all airsoft guns in order to keep it in good working condition and reduce wear out issue on parts.

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